Our Vision

Ayam Brand™ Mission

Modern life makes it difficult for families to have meals that are at once nutritious, tasty, convenient and above all, imaginative.

Ayam Brand™ can make a difference in your life! We help you create meal occasions that are memorable, totally satisfying and with ease. We bring you ideas and products which will make your meals a sure success and at the same time, enable you to discover new tasty dishes to tantalize your family's taste buds!

Our commitment is to offer you healthy & natural products which are of superior quality. This is because we treasure the confidence and trust that was placed by millions of families in Asia in Ayam Brand™ since 1892.

Ayam Brand™, it's a matter of taste!

Ayam Brand™ Vision

Natural and quality food

Ayam Brand™ believes only in quality ingredients prepared naturally.

Ayam Brand™ has banned preservatives, added MSG and added trans fat.

Ayam Brand™ also try as much as possible not to add additivies if it is not necessary.

No waste

With an environmental logic, Ayam Brand™ believes that that whole product should be used in the process to limit waste.

Ayam Brand™ is also engaged in a long term production program to reduce waste and carbon footprint.

Ayam Brand™ Value

Denis Freres Group is the licensee for Ayam Brand™. the group traces back its origin to 1862, as one of the most successful family owned company in the Far East, thanks to the entrepreneurship and business ethics of the Denis family.

Ayam Brand™ has become a household name in Asia for quality food products - particularly fish products, thanks to its continuous commitment to a corporate credo which still stands today, after more than 100 years in business;

  • Quality
  • Activity
  • Price stability
  • Affortability
  • supply continuity
  • Visibility
  • Adaptability
  • Honesty
  • Value the community

Ayam Brand™ values the relationship wih suppliers, distributors, employees and all business partners. We are dedicated to listen and respond to the expectation of our customers across generations and countries.

Asian Recognition


logo asia top Ayam Brand™ is ranked the 1st brand for canned food & 179th consumer brand.


logo best brand Ayam Brand™ is awarded the World's Best Brand in Asia Pacific for canned food.
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